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About Us

Our Philosophy

Vitalize was born out of its founder Emma Halewood’s passion for holistic health and spirituality. Through personal research and extensive training in Energy Healing and Holistic Healthcare, Emma has discovered the secrets to creating optimum wellbeing through small lifestyle changes. Emma’s approach incorporates working with the body’s own energy system, working with the right foods and a combination of body balancing work such as Reiki, meditation and exercise.

Emma is a qualified Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach, certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner and raw food enthusiast with a particular interest in nutrition and its link to preventive healthcare and self-healing. It is this interest in raw food that has led Emma to write her first recipe book “The Power of Raw” (coming soon) to help educate people about the inner health benefits that foods can have on the mind, body and soul.

Based in Chester, with appointments available throughout Cheshire and the North West, Vitalize offers a wide range of holistic treatments to support all your wellness goals.


Do you suffer with...

Lack of energy



Lack of confidence

Lack of self esteem

Mood swings

Weight management

Lack of motivation

Do you want to...

Increase your energy levels

Master your stress levels

Increase your confidence & self esteem

Clarify your life direction and goals

Have support in achieving your goals

Gain control of your eating habits and weight

Release any negative and stagnant emotions

Attain a positive emotional mindset

Gain more focus

Gain a great work / life balance

Have more energy at the end of the day

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